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Three Rivers Distilling Company May 5, 2019

For our second investigation our team had the privilege to check out Three Rivers Distilling Company which is in a historic warehouse in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, perfectly blending the charm of the past with today’s modern conveniences. Since the restaurant closes at midnight, our team first ate dinner at this wonderful location (the food is amazing!) and made our appearance again shortly after their doors had closed for the night. We interviewed the manager, the supervisor, and a few employees who told us their personal experiences. The manager and supervisor explained having late nights working in their office where they were the only ones in the entire building and yet they would hear footsteps outside of the office, whistling, and also what sounded like more than one person talking within the distilling warehouse area. Each time they would hear these occurrences, they would walk around and find absolutely nobody else there. Management and the employees had also mentioned feeling as if they were being watched in some areas along with catching a glimpse of movement in the corner of their eye only to look and have nothing there.

As our team was doing a walk-through before lights out, our psychic medium Carrie had picked up on possibly more than one man. In the warehouse area, she picked up on what seemed like two men arguing with one another. In the stock area both Carrie and Amanda felt a cold spot that lasted briefly. This very spot later on that night ended up being the same exact spot in which Amanda performed a solo EVP session and captured a Class A EVP saying "talk". This same area also is where she shared a Facebook Live video and in the middle of recording, she captured a bright orb moving from the right to the left of the screen before vanishing. Our team reviewed the video many times and did not debunk it as dust or a bug due to the fact that it was very bright and had a trail behind it as it moved across the screen (if you can picture this in your mind, it looked like a small shooting star).

Although our team has never been a big fan of using the spirit box, our former team member Ricky had purchased an SB7 box so we tested it out that night. The manager, supervisor, and an employee ended up sticking around with us to get to experience what evidence we may have gotten. When asking for names of who was with us, we did manage to get the names Dave and Pete that came through the spirit box. When Amanda had asked how many of us were all sitting down in the lounge area, a man's voice answered back saying five. This was pretty spot on considering the fact that Scott was in the kitchen during this time and we indeed had five people sitting where this voice came through the spirit box.

Before officially packing up to head out, we asked a few remaining questions using the SB7 Box. When asked if we weren't wanted there, we captured a voice responding with "leave". During most of the night we had absolutely no activity with the K2 Meter until this voice came through. And it was that very moment when the K2 Meter lit up on the table. All in all, our team had a nice experience here. We were able to provide some relief to the management and their employees by letting them know there were no threatening spirits at this location, but perhaps more of residual spirits that also just like to make their presence known to the living once in a while.

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