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The Old 6th Police Precinct Investigation June 20, 2020


The Detroit 6th Police Precinct station was built in 1930 with over 100 policemen working within it's walls. It has 10 jail cells, a basketball court upstairs, and a shooting range in the basement. The owner, Ed Steele, obtained the property in 2014 and a lot of his knowledge of paranormal activity involved within this building all began after some visitors and working colleagues dealt with some unexplainable experiences such as their hair being pulled, items moving, and seeing apparitions. He decided to look further into the history of the location and had discovered hundreds of documents that gave history about the 1967 riots that occurred as well as discovering files that entailed policemen that had committed suicide in the basement evidence room along with the shooting range area. The most known activity in this location seems to primarily be located in the basement along with the jail cells themselves on the main floor.


By far this location turned out to become one of the most actively haunted locations our team has ever investigated. We definitely did not leave disappointed needless to say! Our psychic medium, Carrie, saw multiple spirits throughout the building. During Facebook LIVE videos our team experienced equipment being set off in the basement such as K2 meters and cat toys (paranormal balls). During a LIVE video when team member, Ace, was utilizing a set of dowsing rods in the basement shooting range area there were intelligent responses coming through along with a cat toy going off behind him for the first time considering none of them were going off the entire night prior to this event. We experienced two K2 Meters going up to orange then red at the same exact timing then would take turns on each one when certain questions were being asked. The equipment seemed to have been set off even more when Scott and Ace were pulling out old bullet casings in the pit area of the shooting range. The equipment also seemed to be very responsive when team member, Jennifer, asked the spirit(s) many questions and when she would come closer to the pit where the equipment was laid out.

Aside from the actual equipment being set off, many of us including one of our guests, Joe Warner of The Spirit Realm Network, experienced disembodied voices with our own ears primarily in the basement. At one point all of us heard a low man's voice coming from the evidence room where Joe happened to of been standing nearest to. This same low man's voice seemed to have been heard multiple times throughout our night there.

Our biggest piece of evidence during a LIVE video was in the basement shooting range. Not only did Co-Founder, Scott, experience his leg being touched while he was sitting down but he heard a disembodied voice say "NO" on the digital recorder shortly after team member, Ace, asked if the spirit(s) felt comfortable with us being there. The recording was played back again during the end of the LIVE video and clearly heard as a class A EVP. You can find this video on our Facebook page, make sure to check it out along with our other videos showing our equipment being set off.

Last but not least our team received some of the best EVPs we have ever captured in one location alone. We captured whistling, a heavy breath noise in the jail cell area when nobody was in there at that time, footsteps in the jail cell area, a disembodied voice in the basement shooting range area, and a full sentence in jail cell #3 when Founder, Amanda, and Co-Founder, Scott, were asking questions. You hear Amanda ask "Can you make this K2 Meter go off?" and seconds later a whisper says "Make this go off..." and then moments before that you hear Amanda get excited and say "Look, the K2 meter is going off". We truly believe the spirits that reside here are very intelligent and definitely not afraid to communicate with the living. Whether we were communicating with previous inmates or the policemen that had taken their own lives, this investigation left us immediately wanting to go back and get more experiences.

Be sure to check out Ed Steele's website and help support his restoration plans for this magnificent location!

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