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Prospect Place Estate Investigation August 3, 2019

After months of preparation, our team had finally managed to conduct an all night investigation at this gorgeous location known as the Prospect Place Estate (Trinway Mansion) with our guest Brenda from the Great Lakes Ghost Hunters of Michigan. The house was built back in 1856 and owned by George W. Adams, an abolitionist who had coordinated an underground railroad operation in which his family had also helped hide runaway slaves in the basement of this mansion. This place was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters back in April of 2008 as well as Ghost Adventures back in January of 2010. The ownership of the mansion was passed down from family members of George W. Adams and there are at least three deaths that occurred here. Other than the recorded deaths of the family members, there are well-known stories you may have heard about a little girl that had fallen to her death from the second story as well as a little girl's body being placed in the basement. There are also stories of a Bounty Hunter that had been hung in the barn, however according to our tour guide there was no actual proof of these stories.

Our trip there started off great and we had no idea what we were in for with this location. During the trip there when our team was about thirty minutes away, our medium on the team, Carrie, picked up on a name of Constance. She wrote this name on the inside of her palm and explained this to the rest of the team in the car. None of us had thought much about it up until arriving to Prospect Place. While the rest of the team ate dinner down the road at a nearby restaurant, Founders Amanda and Scott met up with the tour guide and did a walk-through of the place before letting the cameras roll. They had discovered on the second floor living room area that there was a portrait of a woman on the wall....right below her picture read the name "Constance Cox". Carrie was spot on with picking up on this one even before knowing anything about the place and the history of it!

The tour guide explained to us that other investigators, primarily women, had experienced being scratched in the barn area and many have sensed a male spirit that does not like women in there. Of course us women on the team tried to test this theory, however did not get scratched. Carrie had picked up on a male spirit, was pushed, and the rest of the team had a few questionable looking shots on thermal camera which we ended up not sharing due to the lack of clarity in these images taken. However, we did receive very clear images in the barn of what appeared to be a possible manifestation.

At some point in the night when Amanda, Carrie, and former team member Tammie were in the 2nd floor hallway, Amanda kept hearing what sounded like rustling plastic. This noise would make sense considering on the 2nd floor passed the landing there is the servant's quarter area where the laundry room is and this area happened to have blocked off sections with plastic laying over top of the walls due to renovations being made to the mansion. Once the noise was addressed to everyone else, it seemed to have stopped. When the ladies walked into this area to investigate where the noise was coming from, Carrie witnessed a shadow figure quickly appear then disappear from the laundry room area. She also picked up on a little girl who was looking for their mom. Could this have possibly been the spirit of the girl who supposedly fell to her death from the second floor? Or was it perhaps the little girl whose body claimed to have been left in the basement?

Late into the night when half of the team had went back to their hotel rooms to get some sleep, Founders Amanda and Scott decided to stay awake with team member Jared. On the 2nd floor they all performed EVP sessions in the bedrooms while using a rem pod and K2 meter. Scott had also taken upon himself to do a solo session in the basement, however after looking through evidence our team did not capture anything. After these sessions, Amanda started to walk towards G.W. Adams' room (which is the only area in the house that has a bathroom) and she had immediately got an overwhelming sensation of something or someone not wanting her to enter this room. No other area in the mansion provided her such uneasy feelings until going into this room and she immediately stopped in her tracks at the doorway. Although she had not seen a figure, she had felt an unhappy male presence that felt as if he was charging her direction to keep her out of the room and this gave her an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and urgency to leave this area. When speaking with the tour guide, this same room happened to have been the room where it's believed that G.W. Adams himself had died in considering he spent a large amount of his time in this room on his chair. This very moment of the investigation became more of an eye opener to Amanda realizing her empathic abilities she had been ignoring signs of having during previous investigations.

Although overall our team had not captured enough audio/visual evidence to share to the world, we feel some of the personal experiences alone had made this place interesting enough and we could never pass up how magnificent the mansion's structure and history is. The moment you walk up to the mansion, you'll be in awe of it. Our team most definitely plans to re-visit this location another time in hopes to capture more evidence.

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