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Kosciusko County Jail & Museum April 12, 2019

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Since this building was built in 1837 along with a history of deaths within it's walls, our team was well aware of how heavy the atmosphere would be when investigating this jail. As the original members of SKAR Encounters, all of us were ecstatic to have gotten the opportunity to check out this location and see what evidence we could capture. Let's start off by explaining the personal experiences we had. Before our investigation had even began, former member, Kelly, and Scott heard a whistle when walking down the hallway to go to the bathroom. Management had previously explained people's experiences here and one of the experiences mentioned was a spirit of a man that was known to whistle. With that being said, we were off to a great start.

     When Amanda and Kelly performed an EVP session on the first floor jail cell block area within the very cell in which a man had hung himself in, both members experienced a quick change in temperature. In fact, one half of their body felt very cold and those parts of their bodies happened to be in a spot where the K2 Meter was going up consistently. Amanda had asked if anyone was sitting right where Kelly was and the K2 Meter shot up to orange. She had also asked if this spirit liked Kelly-again, the K2 Meter shot up even more before going dead again. When asked to make any type of noise as proof a spirit was there, the girls received a very faint EVP recording that they had also heard with their own ears of a tap noise which sounded very close by. Ironically enough in this same exact cell, Scott had performed a solo session and was able to capture a video recording of a thud noise that sounded as if it was against the railing.

     Later on that night while walking through the second floor jail cell walkway, our camera batteries seemed to drain fairly quickly. During a moment of looking through old books in this walkway area, both Kelly and Amanda heard a woman make a soft hum noise. This was pretty compelling to of had more than one member hear the same thing at that same moment, however the noise was so faint that we did not capture it on audio. What may make more sense to hearing a woman's voice at this jail is the fact that the sheriff's daughter was shot and killed right outside of the building in the same area in which our team was standing.

     On the very upper floor of the jail area stands a solitary confinement cell in which at least two men were known to have committed suicide. Kelly performed a solo session in this cell and felt very uncomfortable after a while. When asking questions or even mentioning suicide, the K2 Meter jumped frequently and Kelly explained feeling as if the spirit (or spirits) in this cell were not happy with her being in there. Later on that night the entire team eventually went into this cell to investigate and this is where we caught a video clip of an orb shooting out from Kelly's head. Former member, Ricky, also claimed to have had his pant leg tugged at as well in which we did capture this on video aside from orbs shooting out near his body right before this occurred.

     Last but not least, one of our best pieces of evidence captured this night was an EVP recording that Ricky had captured in the first floor cell block area. The recording captured Ricky in the midst of talking and all while he was talking, there is a man softly saying something. It was hard to determine what the voice said despite sounding so close to the speaker, however it was a great catch knowing the fact that none of us were talking besides Ricky and this voice of this man did not sound like any of the men from our team.

     All in all it was a wonderful first experience for our team especially with this being the starting date of how this team became SKAR Encounters. Now with new members and more equipment, our team will be heading back out in November of 2019 for a second investigation here. We highly recommend others to check this place out, you won't be disappointed!

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