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Guidelines for starting out in the paranormal field

Nowadays the paranormal is not taboo for anyone to discuss or express interest in. You can turn on the television and see many paranormal shows and many new films you see have something in relation to ghosts. If you are reading this then I will assume you have a sparked interest for the paranormal field whether you actually want to become part of a team, want to explore on your own, or are simply just curious. But some of you reading this may also have moments where you are asking yourself "where do I begin?" or "what should I know and be prepared for?". You will be happy to know that it is a fairly simple process although the expenses involved can get pricey. Here are some guidelines for you to know when starting out in the paranormal field:


What does this exactly mean to you? Whether you have religious beliefs, are an atheist, an agnostic, or a complete skeptic in the paranormal you will want to keep a means of spiritual protection for yourself. If you are a believer of God then you can do something as simple for yourself as wearing a cross around your neck and saying a little prayer (internally and/or outloud). Another great means of protection for all believers and non-believers would be carrying protection stones such as quartz, black tourmaline, blue kyanite, jet, labradorite, flourite, black obsidian, and the list goes on. If you are finding yourself reading all of these stones and wondering what their uses are, below is a perfect link to check out:

Aside from all of these options one of the most important things you will want to do for yourself is keep a positive mindset and be level headed. The mind is a very strong thing and we all know it can take the simplest thoughts to cause you to feel all types of emotions whether it's fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, etc. When stepping into haunted locations and conducting investigations it is very important to refrain from creating negative outlooks on your environment whether it's due to personal opinions of the location or stories you have heard about the location that may cloud your judgement. Not everything is evil or demonic and not every spirit has bad intentions. In fact if you are investigating and happen to hear a voice, a knock on the wall, or objects being moved this may simply just be a sign of spirits wanting you to know they exist and want to be heard. Keeping a positive mindset will in return give you positive results and more of a successful investigation that won't leave you feeling stressed or worn out. With this being said, this goes to the next guideline below.


We have all at least watched a show or two on television where you see a ghost hunter provoking and/or disrespecting spirits in order to capture evidence or get more of an adrenaline rush to add to their paranormal experience. We do not recommend this method to anyone though by the end of the day it's always your preference on how you'd like to handle your own investigations. If you do not want any spirits or dark entities to possibly attach themselves to you or follow you back home then you'll want to make sure you respect them as if you are a guest in someone's home. Some spirits and other unknown entities may not react well to you if you provoke and disrespect them. So with respecting them you can do things such as kindly ask them questions and also thank them if they respond to you. Another great thing to do for yourself would be to thank them for allowing you to be in their space and to kindly make sure to remind them they need to stay in their space and not follow you back home.


Any paranormal team and individual investigator will tell you that this field is not cheap whatsoever. In fact depending on how involved you become, you may spend up to hundreds or thousands of dollars into this. For beginners in the field, you truthfully do not need to purchase a ton of equipment. Most investigators will tell you as long as you have a good quality digital recorder, ear buds/headphones, a K2 meter or mel meter, and a video camera with decent IR {night vision} lighting then you're all set. These items can all be purchased online through Ghost Stop, Amazon, eBay, and many other equipment companies. Last but not least the most important tool to use during investigations comes down to your own senses. Listen to your mind and body, and remember to go into this with an open mind and positive thoughts first. Allow your body to do the talking for you and the more you open up to the spiritual world the more you may experience chills, the "spider web" sensation, and emotions stemming from spirits attempting to communicate with you.


The last guideline we suggest would be to reach out to others in the field. Whether you are searching to join paranormal pages/groups on Facebook, searching official websites, or adding people via social media outlets it's a great way to get to know how others in the field investigate and it can open many doors for yourself. You can ask questions and learn many things you never knew about with the field by simply reaching out to others. The more you develop an interest in the field, the more beneficial it can be in your life by following these simple guidelines.

We hope this blog has helped answer your questions and of course we hope you being to explore the paranormal field in the best way possible. Thank you for reading and happy hunting!!!

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