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Meet the Team

Members of SKAR Encounters

Amanda Lewis

Founder  |  Lead Investigator
Social Networker & Web Designer

Amanda created SKAR Encounters in April of 2019 after going on her first paranormal investigation with co-founder Scott and former team members Ricky and Kelly. Her interest in the paranormal field derived from questionable experiences in a home she lived in as a young teenager. Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters inspired her interest as well. 

Scott Harvey

Founder  |  Lead Investigator
Producer & Equipment Tech

Scott created SKAR Encounters alongside Amanda. He considers himself a skeptic, but open to the possibility of life after death.  Growing up watching television shows portraying the paranormal, he wondered how much is fabricated, or if it was all real.


Psychic Medium  |  Investigator 
Event Coordinator

Carrie's psychic abilities began when she was just a little girl and had seen full body apparitions of loved ones that she knew had passed away. She enjoys residential investigations the most so that she can help families as well as helping spirits cross over. Carrie is also part of other paranormal teams in Michigan and Kentucky.

Richard Hall

Paranormal Investigator  |  Historical Analyst

Richard is another one of our newest members on the team. He has been interested in the paranormal ever since he was six years old and has lived in haunted houses throughout his life. His objective? To gain experience in the field and to better understand the spiritual world.