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Do you believe your home is haunted? Are you in search of some answers to unexplained occurrences? Our team can investigate your house completely free of charge!

Our team understands how it can be uncomfortable and a little nerve wrecking to bring newcomers into your living space, not to mention opening up on personal experiences you are dealing with which is why we take a professional approach to best suit your needs.

After you request for an investigation in your home, below are the steps in which SKAR Encounters takes:

+ A lead team member will reach out to you via email or phone as soon as possible.

+ We will schedule a weekend with you to first conduct a walk-through of your home along with our psychic medium.

+ You will fill out a form to explain what paranormal experiences you are having along with any knowledge of the history you may know about your home.

+ You will fill out a site release form giving our team permission to investigate your home.

+ We will schedule an investigation date and time frame with you.

+ If we feel there is anything severe in your home such as a demonic entity or attachment, we will reach out to our resources to ensure our team will get you the best of help if it's out of our hands.

+ If your place of residence turns out to be too far from our region, we will reach out to other fellow paranormal teams that are closer to your location of residency.

*Please note: our team respects every client's privacy. We will not share your place of residence and we will only share audio/visual evidence along with a blog if we have your permission to do so.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your inquiry!

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