About Us


Amanda Lewis

What began as questionable experiences when growing up, co-founder Amanda developed a true interest in the paranormal field as a young teenager. She enjoyed binge watching paranormal shows such as Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, and Scariest Places on Earth. Amanda always wondered how much truth there was to the shows and what it would be like to personally experience going to haunted locations. It wasn't until she had met co-founder, Scott Harvey, that she had pursued this interest. In April of 2019 her and Scott tagged along with some friends to investigate their first location being the Kosciusko County Jail located in Warsaw, Indiana. They enjoyed the investigation so much that they developed their name using the first letter of each member's name which is where SKAR all began.

Amanda is the website designer, graphic designer, social networker, event coordinator, and co-host for the LIVE Podcast.


Scott Harvey

Scott had always grown up listening to stories his mother would tell him about the house she grew up in. He was always fascinated about the possibility of a spiritual realm, but needed to find the proof for himself. Growing up watching all the TV shows he developed a skepticism. After investigating multiple locations he has learned that some things can not be explained, but still is searching for undeniable proof of the afterlife. When Scott and Amanda got together and developed an interest in the paranormal field, they decided to research locations to investigate and get together with a friend that has been in the field.

Scott is the producer, editor, historian, photographer and co-host for the LIVE podcast.