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Are you or a loved one experiencing unexplainable occurrences in your home? Do you need help and want answers? Contact us!

We are a paranormal team from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our journey began from April of 2019 and our name has taken off ever since! The key to being a successful team: stay humble and truthful.

Our goal is to travel to many haunted locations in search of providing answers for the unknown and to capture as much evidence as possible to viewers all over the world. Our team focuses on using the most authentic pieces of paranormal equipment such as IR night vision cameras, EVP recorders, K2 meters, Mel meters, rem pods, motion sensors, etc. However, we prefer to rely on the best proof you can ever get: Seeing through your own eyes and hearing through your own ears whether it be in person or on a basic recorder and camera. With that being said, we hope you enjoy your visit on our website and we look forward to earning your support!