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Upcoming Events
Sat, Jul 18
Sweet Springs Sanitarium
Sweet Springs Sanitarium
Our Team will be conducting an overnight investigation at this beautiful location dated back to 1774 and filled with history during the Revolutionary War.
Sat, Apr 25
Madison Seminary
Madison Seminary Investigation
Our team will be investigating with our friends Jason and Dawn from Beyond The Grave Paranormal along with our two guests Grayson and Jennifer from our name drawing at this notoriously haunted location as seen on Travel Channel and Ghost Hunters!
Sat, Apr 11
SKAR Encounters
The Monroe House Investigation
Our team will be investigation the well-known "demon house" of Hartford City, Indiana also known as the Monroe house. This is location has been featured on Paranormal Lockdown.
Sat, Feb 29
Stone Mansion
Stone Mansion Investigation
Our team will be conducting an overnight investigation at this gorgeous historical mansion built in 1874 and is known to have some paranormal sightings such as full body apparitions and dark shadows roaming the halls.
Sat, Jan 18
Delaney's on Broadway
Delaney's on Broadway Investigation
Our Team will be investigating locally at this massive historical building filled with history which has been used as an antique shop. There have been paranormal experiences by guests and family members of the owner here so we're off to check it out!

We are a paranormal team from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our journey began from April of 2019 and our name has taken off ever since! The key to being a successful team: stay humble and truthful.

Our goal is to travel to many haunted locations in search of providing answers for the unknown and to capture as much evidence as possible to viewers all over the world. Our team focuses on using the most authentic pieces of paranormal equipment such as IR night vision cameras, EVP recorders, K2 meters, Mel meters, rem pods, motion sensors, etc. However, we prefer to rely on the best proof you can ever get: Seeing through your own eyes and hearing through your own ears whether it be in person or on a basic recorder and camera. With that being said, we hope you enjoy your visit on our website and we look forward to earning your support!

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Are you driven and passionate in the paranormal field? Would you like help on getting your name out there to the public? Our team is looking for YOU!

The #1 goal of our LIVE podcast is to not only get to know others in the paranormal field, but to also help those who would like their hard earned work and passion to be better known on social media. Whether you are an independent investigator, part of a small town paranormal team, or are an urban explorer we'd love to have you on our LIVE podcast. Our podcasts stream via our YouTube and our Facebook page on Friday and/or Saturday nights. 

For any serious inquiries, please contact us via email or our Facebook page! 

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