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Free Residential Assistance

Are you or a loved one experiencing unexplainable occurrences in your home? Do you need help and want answers? Contact us for help or refer to our Team Directory to locate a team near you!

SKAR Encounters was founded in April of 2019. We began originally as a full paranormal team and now a year and a half later after many amazing experiences and trips as a team,  SKAR Encounters has now merged into a paranormal duo. This duo consists of two people, Amanda Lewis and Scott Harvey. We travel around the U.S. to investigate some of the most haunted locations in search of proof of the afterlife. We no longer handle residential cases however if you are finding yourself in need of assistance, please make sure to refer to the Team Directory tab so you can search a reputable team in your area. If you need further assistance with finding a team, please be sure to reach out to us via Facebook or email at skarencounters@gmail.com


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Our Podcast

Are you driven and passionate in the paranormal field? Would you like help on getting your name out there to the public? Our team is looking for YOU!

The #1 goal of our LIVE podcast is to not only get to know others in the paranormal field, but to also help those who would like their hard earned work and passion to be better known on social media. Whether you are an independent investigator, part of a small town paranormal team, or are an urban explorer we'd love to have you on our LIVE podcast. Our podcasts stream via our YouTube and our Facebook page on Friday and/or Saturday nights. 

For any serious inquiries, please contact us via email or our Facebook page!